Handcrafted Wooden Gin Shelves

All you need is love…and Gin

When your love affair with gin begins, the collection starts with a bottle or  two. The bottles soon start multiplying and before you know it, they need their own organisational system.

Each of our Gin Shelves are completely one of a kind, being hand crafted from recycled wood, retaining all of it’s natural characteristics and features.
This means that each of our Gin Shelves has it’s own cracks, splits, knots, twists, shakes and bows, making each one incredibly unique.

Our Gin Shelves are made to the highest of standards, and each one is made to impress.

Our wood is carefully cleaned, sanded and then beautifully waxed – making all products a lovely addition to anyone’s home.

If you fancy something a little bit different to display your favourite bottles, our gin shelf is a must!